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Every Day is Yoga therapy
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Rebecca Quigley

Yoga Therapist
(MS, C-IAYT, 500-RYT, E-200-RYT)
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Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy is an evidence-based therapeutic practice that has been shown effective in reducing anxiety and depression, strengthening the mind-body connection, increasing conventional treatment adherence, reducing stress and chronic pain, and a whole host of other benefits (Stephens, 2017). Yoga therapy addresses such a wide range of issues and disorders because the practice allows the client to address their mental, emotional, and stress issues through their work with the physical body, breath, meditation, and philosophical inquiry.


Yoga therapy sees and honors all of you while you work toward greater comfort.

Yoga therapy is different from yoga is a few key ways:

1. Assessment to determine what practices are appropriate and the most beneficial to you.

2. Practices are tailored to you and your specific needs and wishes.

3. There is a sense of collaboration between you and your yoga therapist-often this collaborative conversation will include the rest of your medical team as well (with your consent, of course).

Stephens I. (2017). Medical Yoga Therapy. Children (Basel, Switzerland), 4(2), 12.

Rebecca (or Becky) is currently a yoga therapist at the nation's largest non-profit psychiatric hospital. She works with adolescents dealing with trauma, mood, and/or behavioral disorders. She also works with adults with PTSD, C-PTSD, DID, and other complex trauma disorders. When used in conjunction with medical treatments, yoga therapy can help to "connect the dots," helping you find space--and feel better.

Rebecca is the yoga therapist for those who never thought they'd do yoga. She translates the traditional aspects of yoga into tangible, clinical practices for each person she works with, making yoga and it's healing potential widely accessible.

Rebecca has a master's degree in yoga therapy, is a certified yoga therapist (C-IAYT), and an experienced registered yoga teacher (500-RYT, E-200-RYT), along with training in trauma-informed yoga, and several specific therapeutic styles of yoga. What does that mean? She has close to 1800 hours of highly specialized training and thousands of hours face-to-face experience with yoga students and yoga therapy clients, alike.

Send a message in the contact form below to see if Rebecca is currently accepting new private yoga or yoga therapy clients.

Meditate at home
“[Working with Rebecca] is the first real help I've gotten with the issue I came here with.”

-L.M. (Adolescent Client)


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